Dear Catholic school supporters,

As trustee, my primary focus is on board governance and policies to support student achievement, the home, church and school partnerships, parental involvement and advocating for improved facilities. With over 20 years of experience in education, government, and business, I have the skills and accomplishments needed to represent Catholic ratepayers in Ward 2.

I have proposed a renewed focus on primary academic skills; reading, writing, mathematics, spelling proficiency and cursive writing are important priorities. I propose to enhance programs and services for students with special needs while providing secondary students with better preparation for the labor market through expanded internships and apprenticeship programs. A blend of traditional skills and 21st century learning will benefit all students.

I have a profound respect for our Catholic teachers because they carry the additional responsibility of faith development in our children. The quality of Catholic education provided by the TCDSB has never diminished. Our administration, teachers, and support staff will continue to deliver exceptional programming for the educational and spiritual well-being of our students.

I look forward to working with parents, teachers, students, and community members to continue shaping a bright future for our students.


Accountable Governance

Strong decision making, balanced budgets, and responsible allocation of resources.
Streamline services to improve efficiency of education dollars. Lead and model best practices.

Safe & Inspiring Learning Environments

Rejuvenating our schools facilities to create safe, healthy, and inspiring physical spaces for children to foster collaborative and creative learning dynamics. Initiatives will include improvement to existing facilities, creation of new facilities, and acquisition of new school sites.

Learning Fundamentals

Ensuring that elementary age children are proficient in the fundamentals of reading, writing, and math in order to build on these skills. Continue to promote high standards in curriculum and instruction.

Catholic Community

In the Catholic education system, home, school, and parish form a vital partnership. Through community and parish involvement students are guided by the Gospel values, principles, and standards that reach into every facet of school life.

21st Century Skills

Supporting skill sets of the 21st century—such as coding, business, and design thinking—to help children to enable themselves. These skills will be supported through the acquisition of additional cost-effective technology.

Learning Paths

Supporting alternative learning styles and paths in education—including the trades and arts—by expanding internship and apprenticeship programs to help students gain valuable work experience.

June 2015

Eastern Rite schools; commitment to maintain international language program

October 2014

Board approved piloting Jump Math as the math resource program in our lowest scoring schools and that Jump Math be made available to ALL teachers wishing to use it as an enhancement in their classrooms .

June 2014

Small School Sites board wide report to assess efficiency and use of resources

March 2014

Kiss & Ride Program encouraging student fitness

March 2014

Walking School Bus Program to expand on safe walking routes for students

March 2014

Cursive Writing review for reintroduction into elementary curriculum

March 2014

Math Curriculum review to reintroduce a traditional math curriculum

February 2012

Solar Panel installation at Bishop Allen Academy as part of the TCDSB's Green Initiative

September 2011

Holodomor Memorial Day at the TCDSB to recognize the genocide known as the “Ukranian Holodomor” that claimed millions of innocent lives by the then Soviet Regime.

April 2011

Salt & Light partnership to enrich religious curriculum resources

May 2007

Appropriate Dress Code Policy

“The combined talents and experience of our new and returning Trustees will move us forward in a very positive way and I’m extremely optimistic about what the future holds for our board and Catholic education.” — OCSTA

I have proudly served as trustee for the last 11 years, serving three as Vice-Chair and three as your Chair of the Board. I have been a dedicated trustee representative on the Special Education Advisory Committee, served as chair and vice-chair to the Administrative and Corporate Services Committee, acted as chair of the Human Resources and Religious Affairs Committee and was vice-chair of the Trustee Services and By-Laws Committee. In 2012, I also earned a certificate in Catholic School Governance from St. Michael’s College, University of Toronto.

My involvement in Catholic education started over 20 years ago as a parent on Catholic Parent Teacher Association  (CPTA), working towards improvements to curriculum, fundraising for resources to enrich student learning and fighting for a new school building. For more than 26 years, I have been actively involved with my home parish, St. Gregory’s. I served as a member for 22 years on the Catholic Women's League as Treasurer, Secretary, President and Historian, Fundraising Events Coordinator, and as the World Youth Day 2002 Parish Host Family Coordinator. I chaired the committee for the parish’s 50th anniversary celebration. I currently serve as a Parish lector.

I was a pioneer in the field of home staging, establishing my own firm in 1993. I have worked extensively in event planning having organized large-scale events for local, national, and international dignitaries. Importantly, I have been a lifelong community volunteer and activist, successfully leading my community in harmonious negotiations with city government.

I have lived with my family in Etobicoke for over 30 years.


Trustee Year Position
2010-2013 Chair of the Board
2013-2014 City of Toronto School Boards Task Force: Vice Chair
2011 Member of Director's Search Committee
2010-Present Member of the Ad-hoc, By-Laws Sub-Committee
2010 Acting Chair of the Board
2009 Board Vice Chair
2007-2008 Board: Vice-Chair
Parent Involvement Committee: Trustee Representative
2006-2007 Administrative & Corporate Services Committee: Vice-Chair
Parent Involvement Committee: Trustee Representative
2005-2006 Human Resources & Religious Affairs Committee: Chair
Board Honorary Treasurer
2004-2005 Trustee Services and By-Laws Committee: Vice-Chair
2003-Present Special Education Advisory Committee: Trustee Representative
Community Police Liaison Committee, 22 Div. Etobicoke: Representative
Credit Courses Outside Canada: Trustee Representative


“With our focus on stewardship of resources, we have made some solid financial decisions that have allowed us to make these types of investments into new schools, and to ensure our students have good places to learn.” — Inside Toronto

“By working with the Ministry of Education and our labour partners, we will be able to both balance our budget and continue to provide an enriched Catholic education for students in Toronto Catholic schools.” — Ministry of Education

  • "Trustee Andrachuk is diligent in her advocacy for her constituents, is well versed in governance, understands the educational landscape in Ontario, and is committed to Catholic education. As the past Chair of the Toronto Catholic District School Board, I always found her to be a person of integrity who was fair, respectful, and always put students first."

    Bruce Rodrigues, Former Director of Education, TCDSB

  • “I know TCDSB trustees have the best interests of students at heart. That's why I commend them for leading the way and doing what's best to put our education system on a sustainable financial footing while protecting the gains we've made in education together. I look forward to other boards across Ontario doing what is right for the students, parents, and communities they serve.”

    Laurel Broten, Former Minister of Education (2010)

  • "Ann Andrachuk has proven to be one of the finest school trustees I have had the pleasure of working with
    over the years. By re-electing Ann you ensure that the community will be well served by a person of integrity whose interests have always been in the service of children and youth."

    Donna Cansfield, Former MPP Etobicoke, Centre

  • "I believe that Ann Andrachuk is a trustworthy person and experienced trustee. She keeps the welfare of all our students front and centre while making important board decisions and interacts effectively with other trustees and board staff. My professional experience in working with Ann as Chair of the Board was a productive and positive experience."

    Ann Perron, Retired Director of Education, TCDSB

  • “My role as vice-chair of our boards Special Education Advisory Committee has provided me with several years of experience working with Trustee Andrachuk. She advocates strongly for parents in support of our students. She is a team leader who works collaboratively with all stakeholders to advance the best outcomes for all students."

    Dr. Ashleigh Molloy, TransEd Institute President
  • “TCDSB students have logged over 190,000 volunteer hours last year—a demonstration
    that they are living their faith through service.”

    Craig Kielburger, Founder of Me to We (2012)
  • "I have known Ann for many years as a member of St. Gregory's Parish and as a member of our Catholic Women's League, and have worked with her on many projects. She has taken on many leadership roles in the League as well as in our parish, and fully commits herself to whatever the role requires to make the event or project she is working on a success. She has great organizing skills and a wonderful way with people. Her enthusiasm attracts people and she can usually convince them to help with the task at hand."

    Jane O'Brien, President of St. Gregory's Catholic Women's League

  • "Ann Andrachuk exemplifies the passion and commitment needed to build and improve a school system that is guided by gospel values while focused on student learning in a positive and nurturing community. She has given eleven years of service to the TCDSB and has served effectively on every committee of the board including terms as the Chair of the Board. I have known her to be an excellent advocate for Catholic education both locally and at the provincial level. We need trustees like Ann Andrachuk to ensure that our children and grandchildren can enjoy the benefits of a Catholic education now and in the future."

    Lou Rocha – Educator, administrator, community leader, parent, grandparent

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  • Royal Ontario Museum

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