September 27, 2004

I found an Anti-Homer

This timely article relates a lovely counterpoint to the horrid circumstances related in yesterday's posting:

"Users are spending more time taking care of their PCs instead of taking care of business...

"Firewalls and anti-virus protection are no longer enough to keep confidential information out of the hands of competitors or fraudsters.

"Companies need to consider automatically updating operating systems to patch the latest security holes, to install anti-spyware tools and to keep anti-spam solutions up to date...

""Perhaps the final word should go to Richard Clarke, the cyber-security adviser appointed by former US President Bill Clinton.

"Clarke, who toured New Zealand recently, said he has managed to protect his computer from more than 99 per cent of all known viruses, worms, network attacks and spyware.

"He runs an Apple, not a Microsoft PC, and says that does the job nicely."

Imagine that.


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