October 04, 2004

Microsoft adopts a new tactic

That's right--Monkeyboy, er, Steve Ballmer decided that it's a good idea to call the millions of Microsoft customers who also own iPods "thieves!".

"We’ve had DRM in Windows for years. The most common format of music on an iPod is 'stolen'."

Good one, Steve. But I have a question for you: in what way did that DRM you've had in Windows "for years" affect your users' ability to install and use notorious P2P filesharing networks like KaZaA?

Not content to leave it there (Steve had a very busy weekend), he also said,

"There is no way that you can get there with Apple. The critical mass has to come from the PC, or a next-generation video device,"

That may be so. However, if it's true, he'd better turn the Microsoft supertanker around fast because all the "mass" is rushing toward the iPod/iTunes/iTunes Music Store these days...

October 01, 2004

They May Be On To Something...

Macintouch has done some additional performance testing on its new iMac G5, this time with Cinema 4D's Cinebench benchmarking tests. When the testers used a version of Cinema 4D somewhat optimized for the new G5 processor, the results showed the astounding performance improvements this new CPU can make. On a clock-equalized basis, the G5 machines showed at least twice the performance of the G4-based Macs.

The lesson is simple: if you have a G5-based Mac, make sure you're using software specifically optimized for this processor.